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We are a company adapts flat management structure, and highly concerned about the growth of employees. We answer the question "how do I continue to move forward in the career path" for each colleague who joins Escope Tech. We provide an extremely efficient working environment for every colleague, and also provide a good opportunity for hard-working members to advance quickly, which is called the "growth ladder" at Escope Tech. The speed of the "growth ladder" is determined by each colleague who strives for his or her dreams. By joining us, you are in full control of your own career trajectory.

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  • Training opportunity
  • Afternoon tea every Friday
  • Fringe benefits
/ 01
Escope Tech holds sharing meeting every month and masters in different department would be invited to share the latest field news, techniques or professional knowledge to other colleagues.
Training opportunity
/ 02
We provide kinds of cakes, snacks and drinks for our staffs every Friday afternoon.
Afternoon tea every Friday
/ 03
We provide gift cards for staffs on kinds of holiday, and also organizes health check every year. We try our best to provide confortable working environment for our staffs.
Fringe benefits
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Job Description:
1.Familiar with medical imaging, understand the logic of medical technology products;
2.Responsible for product positioning, product design, prototype design, product development tracking, product documentation, product release management and other whole-cycle management, put forward product development planning, follow up the entire application software life cycle;
3.Research product features, market trends, competitive product dynamics, conduct user demand research and collect feedback, propose improvement proposals with innovative thinking, improve user experience, make product development plans, and ensure smooth product launch;
4.Assist to collect clinical literature and research data of products, and be responsible for the docking of clinical registration documents;
5.Provide product knowledge training and technical q&A to sales team and agents.
Job Description:
1.Make and execute sales strategies for nationwide markets;
2.Construct, manage and optimize sales channels, customer relation development and, customer management system for nationwide markets;
3.Make business plans by analyzing industry news, competitive product information and market trends, then execute thoroughly;
4.Make plans for annual sales target by analyzing sales data and controlling sales cost;
Job Description:
1.Complete the post-processing display module of CFD simulation results based on open source software;
2.Develop corresponding functional modules based on classical CFD algorithm;
3.Develop other algorithms to improve the accuracy of simulation results;
4.Perform GPU acceleration on existing algorithm modules.
Job Description:
1.Clinical protocol research, design, data management;
2.Conducted market research and reviewed internal projects;
3.Organize medical training (internal/external);
4. Responsible for the collection and sorting of clinical related technical data;
5. Participate in academic conferences, equipment exhibitions, product training of conferences, and share and exchange technology and achievements;
5.Solve clinical problems in customer use, collect customer feedback, improve customer satisfaction, establish long-term customer relationship;
6.Collect and update the market information and competitor information of related products at home and abroad regularly; Follow up new product, participate in product technology and clinical improvement.
Job Description:
1.Completed the simulation calculation and analysis of clinical image data;
2. Compare the accuracy and efficiency of different models/algorithms/boundary conditions, and complete the analysis report;
3. Complete accuracy verification by comparing clinical trial results/commercial software/open source database with software developed by the company.
Job Description:
1. Responsible for the research and implementation of target feature extraction, target segmentation, image enhancement and other related algorithms.
2. Responsible for related work of image post-processing software and image analysis software.