About Us

we are

Shenzhen Escope Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, scientific research cooperation and products and services. It is founded by professors and engineers returned from Europe and America. Escope Tech is committed to creating a global professional imaging and data analysis platform for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases relying on the standard evidence-based medicine system and computational medicine trends. With the help of artificial intelligence, imaging, machine vision, simulation science, data mining and other underlying technologies, the clinics has achieved overall upgrade of imaging from morphological indicators to functional indicators.

What we do

At present, Escope Tech's product positioning covers five fields including coronary (coronary artery analysis), cardiac (heart disease function evaluation), cranial (intracranial artery analysis), brain (brain function evaluation) and peripheral (peripheral artery analysis).

Based on the development demand of precision medicine, Escope Tech is actively landing four technical flagship products (CAscope, XAscope, HCscope and ICAscope) which are compatible with multimodal vascular images (CT angiography/MRI/invasive catheterization images, etc.) with the blood supply of the heart and brain vessels as the main analysis target, and these products are dedicated to solve different diagnostic problems in the core areas of vascular diseases (functional vascular insufficiency of blood supply/structural heart disease/microcirculatory system diseases).


October 2017

Founded Escope Tech in Shenzhen, China

August 2018

Completed angel round financing

December 2018

Founded wholly-owned subsidiary--Beijing Escope Tech Co., Ltd.

May 2019

CAscope was certified through CFDA medical device quality supervision and inspection center

August 2019

Completed round A financing

November 2019

Won the 6th place (6/85) in the 4th Science and Technology Innovation Competition with Beijing Anzhen Hospital

May 2021

332 cases were all recruited in the prospective clinical trial for CAscope

July 2021

Founded wholly-owned subsidiary--Tianjin Vision Technology Service Co., Ltd.